From the Desk of Vice Chancellor
I have joined West Bengal State University, Barasat as its Vice-Chancellor today. The University is located at a beautiful place where air is clean and fields are green. The vast expanse of water all around reminds “Dighi Kalojal” as described by Rabindranath in one of his poems. I have liked the surroundings. 

I had a chance of speaking to the teachers and they are full of enthusiasm to contribute to teaching and research. The officers are well-behaved and willing to work hard. The students are disciplined. The employees are gentle and dutiful. All these are necessary conditions for WBSU to grow and become a good University. However, WBSU requires continuous nurturing and a very compassionate leadership and I will try my best to provide that.

Universities are established by Acts passed in the Assembly or in the Parliament, but they achieve eminence through commitment of teachers and students to the teaching – learning process, dedication, hard work and discipline. No nation can prosper without discipline. I will expect this trait of character from all concerned. 

Work is more important to me than word and I will try my best to bring laurels to the WBSU during the stint I work here. I am sure my friends will be with me in this journey.

Best wishes.
September 8, 2015 Basab Chaudhuri